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My name is Jessica Schumacher and my mission is  to DO BETTER, enhancing our world without causing harm, prioritizing social justice, environmental well-being, and global unity. I aspire to create solutions that promote happiness, curiosity, and overall well-being for individuals, communities, and our environment alike.

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My Story

I was born and raised in Austin, Texas and my pronouns are she/her. My passion lies in enhancing people's lives and contributing to a better world through the application of design thinking. I possess a profound curiosity about human behavior and believe that intentional design can significantly impact individuals' health and overall well-being. As a dedicated problem solver and lifelong learner, I am convinced that the essence of design lies in continuous learning. The more we understand about the world and its inhabitants, the more adept we become as designers.

In particular, my focus is on empowering patients within healthcare spaces, granting them agency and choices in their own care. My journey began as an artist, culminating in the completion of my BFA in design from UT in 2003. Initially freelancing as a graphic designer and living the typical life of a young recent graduate, I suddenly faced a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 2005.

This experience with chronic illness heightened my awareness of flaws in healthcare design. I firmly believe that everyone deserves empowerment and choices regarding their own bodies. Although a desire to create innovative design solutions to enhance the patient’s experience emerged, I chose to teach preschool, driven by my interest in child development and play. Over seven years of teaching, I gained valuable insights into brain development, social-emotional learning, and the significance of engaging all the senses in the learning process.

Combining my love for design, study of child development and life experience, I am convinced that imaginative thinking and organic problem-solving are intrinsic to our DNA. With thoughtful design, these innate skills can be stimulated, leading to more successful and enjoyable health experiences.

My approach to work is characterized by a love for learning and collaboration, coupled with a kinetic/visual learning style. I thrive as a hands-on creator and ideator, always seeking clarity of expectations and the overall mission through collaboration with multidisciplinary experts and feedback from my team and customers/users.

By amalgamating innovative thinking with industry knowledge and an insatiable curiosity, I aim to continually evolve as a designer. My overarching goal is to discover solutions that enhance the healthcare experience for everyone involved—patients, providers, and businesses alike.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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